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  • July 26, 2018
    Jubilee Worship Promotes Originals Songs Weekly at Offering Times as Culture of God’s Grace
    Jubilee NYC

    Jubilee Worship has started promoting its original songs at church worship services, beginning at Immanuel Community Church in Dover and New York City. Jubilee's own original praise songs consist of lyrics of depth that originated from the Word of God as taught by Olivet Assembly ministers. These songs' poignant melodies have also stood the test of times. Messages about living the life of the cross together with Christ, walking in His ways, and carrying the work of healing and redemption toward the Kingdom of God are deeply conveyed in the Jubilee culture. Jubilee prays to spread this culture through songs with the community of WOA. 

    The offering time during a worship service is a great opportunity to share a new Jubilee song. As church members prepare their hearts and monetary offering, their ears can tune in to these new songs without a pressure to participate, while learning and singing together is still welcome. Jubilee aims to praise God with a renewed devotion centered in salvation through Christ; as Jubilee compositions mostly reflect such strengths, presenting them as offering songs may be a channel for members to offer renewed devotion to God, in spirit and in materials offering. 

    At Jubilee's recent GA, Jubilee was exhorted to open ways for all to praise the Lord. While Jubilee systematizes its well-known and upcoming songs, Jubilee members are encouraged to learn them well, and share them at opportune times, so our members may also be familiar and strengthened. As a part of the mission work, Jubilee fellowship prays to use music and songs to share the grace of God, so the lost souls may return to the Heavenly Father one day sooner.